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Custom Playlists

It's not difficult to create custom playlists!

Step 1: Making your playlist

  • Run the ~create command plus the name of the playlist you want to create along with the first song/playlist you want to add.


Step 2: Playing your custom playlist

  • Run the ~load command followed by the playlist you wish to load.


Optional steps:

Viewing your custom playlist

  • The ~view command allows you to view your available playlists as well as hone in on a specific one.


Deleting a specific song from a custom playlist

  • The ~playlist-remove command lets you delete a specific track number from your custom playlist. You can find the track number by running ~view <playlist> and then ~playlist-remove <song number>.

Deleting a custom playlist

  • All you have to do to delete a custom playlist is run the ~delete command and then enter the playlist name you would like to delete.