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Starting Economy

So, you've just started using Acoustic's economy. It can be tricky, so you're looking to this to help get you started! Let's take a look.


The help command is pretty easy to use, but it is really effective in getting into each and every detail of each and every command. All you need to do is run the command help and you will learn about the command you specified. Amazing!

~help command

User Interface

The User Interface, or UI from now on, is how you interact with certain features, such as the shop, or the work menu. It should be pretty straightforward, as all you need to know is on the menu itself.


This is simple. Every 12 or so hours, you will be able to use a command. That command is daily. This command will give you free coins! It could be 500, or 5,000! The easiest way to make money by far, but that's just a kick starter.



If you want to see the amount of money you have, run the balance command and you will see your balance. You may see two balances, "wallet" and "vault". The money in your wallet is the amount of money that you can spend without withdrawing from your vault. The vault is essentially your bank. You can deposit money to it using the deposit command, and you can withdraw money from the vault using the withdraw command. We will get more into detail about vaults in bases.


~deposit Amount

~withdraw Amount


Running the shop command will give you an interface that shows a list of items you want to buy. The number followed by a ) is the item's ID. This ID is what you use to specify what you want to buy from the shop. The price is the amount per item you want to buy. To buy an item, run the command below and you will get what you desire, as long as you can pay for it, of course!

~shop buy ID Amount

You're finished 🥳

There we go! We've covered all you need to know about starting economy. If you feel like you've got the gist of it, feel free to go ahead and dive in. Otherwise, we've got some more material for you to look through.